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Why is my child lying?

What is your reaction when you realise your child's been lying to you? Do you admonish the child, or do you try to reason with him? Knowing why the child is lying is essential before you take a remedial course. Learn to identify the situations that make a child lie.

ICC cricket world cup 2019 team review: West Indies

The two time champions, West Indies lost 6 out of their 9 games at the ICC cricket world cup 2019 and were knocked out a week before the league games concluded. Let's review their journey at the tournament.

Sorav Jain – The top digital marketing trainer in Chennai

Are you from the city of Chennai or its neighbourhood and looking for an able digital marketing trainer? Here in this article, learn about Sorav Jain, an avid digital marketing trainer, who can help you acquire skills and expertise in digital and social media marketing.

Roz Dhan App - A good way to earn money daily

Are you looking for the easy ways to make money through your smartphone? No matter whether you are a student, a job holder, or even a blogger, in case you are checking out the best options on how to make extra money, the Internet offers you several options for achieving it. However, one of the salient features you need to give a thought would be to focus on the genuineness of the application.

ICC cricket world cup 2019 team review: Bangladesh

Bangladesh punched above their weight at the 2019 Cricket world cup. Lead by Mashrafe Mortaza, Bangladesh remained in contention for knockouts for most of the June. They were knocked out only when India lost the game against England on June 30. Here's a review of their journey at the world cup.

The reasons behind Chennai's water crisis explained

Chennai's struggle for water is real. While the rest of the country welcomes monsoon showers Chennai is left high and dry. The drought-like conditions that the city faces are because of a natural phenomenon. Why does the southwest monsoon give Chennai a miss?

Role of low cost warriors and local brands in India

There are hundreds of low-cost warriors in India. There are also small brands that are specific even to a particular city. They provide good alternatives to the local population and also grow the market very well. Some dimensions of the low-cost warriors and the local brands are discussed in this article.

How to make any home a very happy home

How to make a home a very happy home is an art by itself. Any home is not just brick and mortar. It has human beings who live in it. It is they who share all the love and affection and happiness at all times. In spite of several challenges, it is the family members who jell as a unit and make the family a very successful unit of society. Some aspects of the art of making any home a happy home, in the Indian context, is explained in this article.

Importance of the Uniform Civil Code and Secularism in India

This Article will help people understand the concept of Uniform Civil Code, the importance of UCC, the stand of the judiciary on Uniform Civil Code, Views of Chairman of drafting committee of Constitution of India Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on UCC and where India stands today as far as implementation of Uniform Civil Code is concerned.

Five "Grin and Bear it" realities that should not force you to quit your job

Life is very tough in the Indian Corporate Sector. One can always find shades of grey, in almost every Indian company. Though the MNCs are somewhat better, there are problems there too. Politics is very common. However, we need to become thick-skinned and bear everything. Five of such "Grin and Bear it" realities can be frustrating. A few dimensions of the same are sought to be explained in some detail in this article.

The 7 tips for Improving your English writing skills

English is a foreign language for many of us. Yet we yearn to master it. Writing is an effective way of improving your language skills. Check out how you can improve your English writing skills through 7 easy steps.

How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense

Read this article to know how to earn money from IndiaStudyChannel and Google Adsense. You will find some tips and guideline to work and earn from ISC and Adsense account.

Five useful tips to cut down on high house moving costs

One of the most common problem that people face while moving is the high moving costs. However, there are some small steps than can help you save the moving costs. Read this post to know more about such small steps like doing the packing by yourself.

The history of the selfie

Selfies have become quite common among the youth today. This has been the result of networks like Facebook and Instagram where youth competes with their friends based on likes received on selfies. Read this post to know more about the history of selfies.

How students can deal with common issues to make their lives easier

Have you found many students really tensed up these days? Many of them maybe working just like machines because they follow the same routine almost on a daily basis. Is it only study that is bothering them? How to make their lives easier? This article is a guideline for the students to help them see the world from different angles and cope with common issues faced by them.

How to apply for training and registration as a Punjab State local Tourist Guide

Are you eager to know how to launch a career as a licensed tourist local level guide in Punjab? Learn from this article about the training program organized by the Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board, Chandigarh which gives you the opportunity to become registered as a freelance tourist guide after completing the requisite training program.

How to make tasty and nutritious Dal Kebabs with an easy recipe

Incorporate vegetables and pulses into your diet through this tasty dal kebab recipe. It is the perfect solution to make your fussy child eat his vegetables and dals, which makes for a healthy and delicious vegetarian snack. Check my own personal recipe as well as the nutrition quotient of the dal kebab in this article.

Why should we encourage dissent in our society

In a vast country like India, we need to have different points of view presented by Indians from different parts of the country. It is very dangerous to allow any single narrative of any political party or a significant group to walk away with narrow interpretations of events in society or issues. Dissent is something that needs to be encouraged in our society; some dimensions are being discussed in this article.

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