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Review of Hindi Movie 'Sanju'

The hindi movie 'Sanju' based on the past life of cine star Sanjay Dutt is doing very good at the box office and has attracted the attention of movie goers. A review of this movie is done in this article.

The Innocent Beauty of Bollywood: Nanda

Nanda was the innocent and sweet spoken actress of yesteryear's. She worked around the 60s and early 70s. Nanda was a bubbly and shy girl that turned pink at the slightest hint of flirtation. Nanda has many golden and silver jubilee films in her kitty like jab jab phool khilen, gumnaam and ittefaq. Nanda was often compared with MeenaKumari.

Top 6 qualities of a good audience

Whether it is speech or a stage performance, importance of audience cannot be undermined. Having a good audience is always motivating for the performers. This article tries to depict the importance of having an audience for the performers and what are the qualities of a good audience.

Book Review: 'Totto Chan' by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

‘Totto Chan: The little Girl under the Window’ is a beautiful autobiography written by famous Japanese woman writer Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. The book was released in 1981, and it celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. The book became the first Japanese bestseller that was written by a woman, and ended up creating a phenomenon. This article is a book review of the same book.

Facebook game: Dragon City review, storyline, game-play and tips to play

Are you fond of playing online games? Read here all about the Facebook game Dragon City and know what this game is all about. You can also find the story-line and game-play of Dragon City and note down its pros and cons, important tips to play and complete different levels to make a successful high score.

Tips for visitors to CATS - the legendary Broadway show

Do you enjoy Broadway shows while visiting New York City? If your answer is yes, then the acclaimed Broadway musical CATS is highly recommended. This article gives some details about the CATS production and other interesting facts. You will also get useful tips for visitors.

Famous musicians in India

India has produced many gems in the field of music who have played various instruments and enlightened the world. Let us know about some of the musicians who are legendary and the world knows about them.

Lagaan - One Of The Greatest Movie Of All Times In The History Of Indian Cinema

The following article talks about a great Indian movie Lagaan which not only went on to become a big hit in India & abroad but also gave international recognition to Indian movies by becoming only the third Indian movie which was nominated for Oscar awards of USA which are considered to be the most prestigious awards of the world.

Reasons behind popularity of TV show "Comedy Nights with Kapil"

Are you a big fan of comedian Kapil Sharma or his TV show Comedy Nights with Kapil? Want to know the reasons for high TRPs of Comedy Nights with Kapil show? On which website can you watch full episodes of Comedy Nights with Kapil online and any behind the scenes action? In this article, we shall try to understand the reasons behind increasing popularity of this TV show.

How to meet Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan

Are you a fan of Amitabh Bachchan? This article gives information on 5 best ways to meet Amitabh Bachchan; Jalsa Bungalow; Meeting Amitabh Bachchan Kaun Banega Crorepati 4 Host.

Bollywood’S Hindi Patriotic Cinemas And Songs

India was under Britons control for more than 100 years. After a long fight or battle, India won and got freedom in the year 1947. There are many incidents caused in around the country, which our filmmakers filmed and informed the people with the past events. Some of the famous Indian patriotic cinemas, which can’t be forgotten by Indians, are mentioned in this article.

Real Life Story and Biography of Neerja Bhanot

Neerja Bhanot is a well known personality who has lost her life in saving the lives of 360 passengers. The article provides the detail about the incident that took place on Pan Am flight 73. Also, the article gives the information of the recently released movie of Sonam Kapoor playing the role of Neerja.

How to choose from the menu wisely when dining out with family in a restaurant

Everyone likes to dine out at least occasionally or periodically. Especially the children like it. That takes away the monotony and they would like to play with the menu card and experiment. But sometimes unexpected may be the result ending in wastage of food and money. So this article though may seem telling the obvious, will become helpful in such occasions. The article can make children aware of the need how to choose menu wisely when eating out in restaurants with group or as a family.

How to use microphone to improve your live performance

Do you want be a singer and you do not know how to use a microphone? Do you know how proper uses of your microphone can improve your performance in singing? This article will provide you all the details a good singer to do and not to do with microphone.

Discovery Channel Tamil

This article explains about the television channel Discovery Channel Tamil and its ratings and its popularity among the public and the channel's advantages to the people and its Impact on its other sister channels.

10 Most Loved American Comedy TV Shows Of All Time

Are you a fan of American comedy TV shows or series? Do you love to watch some of the old US comedy TV serials even now? This article is an attempt to list down the top 10 American TV shows from the comedy genre. Some of these even run today, while some of these popular comedy TV shows have stopped long back, but, you still enjoy watching them.

Kerala state School Kalolsavam 2016- Watch live Results and Streaming Online

Kerala School Kalolsavam 2015-2016 to be held in Thiruvananthapuram from 19 January 25 January. Watch 56th Kerala School Kalolsavam live results online streaming and live telecasts from today. Don't miss to watch Kerala school art festival 2016 live telecast on TV channels and live streaming online on Reelax website. Get Kerala School Kalolsavam latest and all declared results live online. Check details of leading district for gold cup, status of events in each stage and status of the festival from here.

Amandeep Singh - PTC Mr. Punjab 2015 contest winner name declared

Looking for to know the name of PTC Mr. Punjab 2015 contest winner or who became the winner of Mr. Punjab contest 2015 edition? Amandeep Singh has declared as the winner of PTC Mr.Punjab 2015 contest in the grand finale that held on January 23rd. Go through below article for more details about Amandeep Singh, the winner of PTC Mr. Punjab contest and the special attractions cum highlights of grand finale.

Mysteric friendship/love – A thought from Literature to Modern movies.

Those who are in social networking are really have a bond with unknown faces and this idea is not newer as it exists even in literature period. Here is an attempt to show the communication which served as a bond between two who did not meet but only communication connected. Please read on.

August 2nd - Drishyam day – a new day in India.

This article deals with the original Drishyam movie of Malayalam and its remake in Tamil, Papanasam as an analysis point of view on various aspects. Please read on how this date is also special to me.

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