Who will listen to her complaint?

A mining company started its operation in the jungle forcing most of the animals to leave. But she has to feed her young cub. What is the solution? What are the repurcussions of her decision? Read to know more......

The wait is over!

This story narrates how the festival of Sankranti is celebrated in a village and how the children visiting such places enjoy their festival.

Gladius- the sword of the ambitious (Part3)

Syracuse was strategically important for Rome to launch a naval attack on Greek kingdoms. Syracuse had recently announced itself independent, thereby forming a barrier between Greece and Italy. Perito and his Talons are sent to crush Syracuse.

Gladius- the sword of the ambitious (Part-2)

After becoming a centaurian, our hero Perito learns to be disciplined and civilised. He was deployed to different parts of the Roman empire to suppress the local uprising and rebellions. Gaul, the present day France, was proving to be a very tough colony to rule because of the fearsome Gauls. Perito,who is currently deployed in Gaul will try to evade them and suppress them.

Gladius- the sword of the ambitious (Part-1)

This article is a creative story of Perito, a gladiator, who aspires to be the Emperor of Rome. Follow his life from meeting different kinds of opponents and obstacles in the arena, winning all challenges put forth by the Emperor and getting employed in the Roman army.

Checkmate: Part-3 - The last letter

This is the last and conclusive part of the story. In Checkmate: Part-2, The Rivalry Reinvigorated, we have seen how the rivalry between Akaash and Sameer renewed after a long pause since their school days. And this rivalry transformed into a new one that is the business rivalry but when we could think of having the rivalry to get something bigger as before then Sameer got the hold of cancer, What happens next will be concluded in this very part.

Children's magazines in India which publish your child's contributions

Want to know which magazine in India would accept poems, drawings, painting, stories and other contributions from children? How happy would you be when you see your child's story published in the latest issue of a leading children's magazine! Find out the magazines that ask for contributions and where you can submit the stories written by your child.

Moral story : The Queen who gave birth to Crabs

This story is about the queen who gave birth to seven crabs and gets banished from the kingdom. But later on, a very severe drought hits the country and this situation can be calmed only by the queen. Read on to know what happened to the queen. This is a fictional story.

University Life: Tragedy Untold

It is hard for someone pursuing post graduation and still dependent on parents' guidance and more importantly finance, to lose his Parents midway. The story unveils the tragedy in a person's life which almost derailed the track of his life, yet has a happy ending.

Murder in the College

A student needs a peaceful and healthy atmosphere in any institution to give his best in studies. An untoward incident disturbs his mind and especially if it is a tragedy of the college principal being murdered in his chamber. This is a story which narrates how a tragic incident leaves a big scar in his life.

Checkmate Part-1 - The Rebellious Students

Checkmate is a story depicting an intense rivalry between Akaash and Sameer, who from time to time face each other and no matter what the condition they are in, their competitive side always comes into play with the certain turn of events. The story is in three parts having pensiveness, behavioral upheavals, and excitement all over. This the first part of the story depicting the school life of the characters and also showing the rivalry they contain.

My favorite kids book-A sweet memory.

For every person the childhood is the best time in their life and if they get a chance, I am sure they wish to go back to their childhood. In this article, I would like to say about my favorite kids book which I loved throughout my childhood. It is The Three Little Pigs and our teacher used to read it for us during the leisure time. I am sure all kids will love this story.

Gopal Bhar and Letter

Stories of Gopal Bhar are some of the most common folktales of Bengal which are cherished by people of all age groups due to the wit and humour hidden in them. Here I bring up a story depicting the lazy nature of mankind.

Gopal Bhar and Son-in-Law

Stories of Gopal Bhar are some of the most common folktales of Bengal which are cherished by people of all age groups due to the wit and humour hidden in them. Here I bring up a story regarding misers which would certainly remind us of some of the misers we met in life.

Act of random kindness: A tale of a tiny leaf

This is a story of a leaf named as Itty Bitty that lives on a revered Sal tree in Mawlymnong village. Every leaf of the tree feels that Sal tree is their Godfather and they call him as King Sal. They think that it is their duty to serve Sal's purpose to help the world. Every other leaf seeks the traditional way to perform service expect Itty Bitty. He tries to find a new way and the whole story depicts his endeavor to do that.

Craving: A tale of an apparent yet disguised addiction

This is the story that revolves around the moments extracted from the life of Shubham who is the main character of the plot. He has a wife mentioned as Mrs. Khanna in the story who doesn't appreciate the craving of her husband for a certain beverage that you would get to discover in the story. This particular beverage creates stiffness between them at times of varying degree with the fascinating outcome getting revealed in the end.

How Sunita lost her pride after losing her ranking

This story is about a girl Sunita, who is initially proud for gaining first rank and later on realizes her level of intelligence. Teacher conduct special test to test the real level of intelligence. Then Sunita realizes her intelligence when somebody stands first in the class.

How Ramya is taught a lesson

Are you interested in reading stories? Then go through the below story of Ramya and Meera. This story tells us to be humble, polite and down to earth. Go ahead and read the story on how Ramya was made to understand her mistakes.

How Shanti became popular in class?

This story is about a new girl in class who is quiet yet becomes popular due to her genuine intelligence. Her intelligence is recognized when she answers all the questions accurately imposed by the inspector. Then the view of all the pupils about her changes.

Stories for children: A toy that saved a boy

Interested about children's stories? Stories will enhance children's Intelligence, some stories tell how to tackle difficult situations. Moreover, children are fond of reading stories and it is a good time as this is the summer vacation. This story is all about how a toy saved a boy when he was in a difficult situation.

We are not seeing beyond the syllabus to invent

This article is a small attempt for students that they should link practicality or reality in the subjects they learn and here are few stories which may tell us how the other land people are inventing though we too had those in our syllabus too.

Science Fiction Stories I have enjoyed

If some one is interested in Science Fiction stories may find this article interesting and have some ideas on Science fiction to create also. This article is an attempt to be with few science Fiction short stories.

Smartphone and some funny facts around

In this article, you will know some funny facts about a Smartphone. What is the advantage and disadvantages of Smartphone? Learn how to take a Selfie? Read to know some impact from a Smartphone uses.

Significance of the colour red during the Chinese New Year

The colour red has a great significance during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The streets and the houses are all awash with red - red lanterns on the doorways, shapely red papers and motifs pasted on walls and people wearing bright red clothes. Red is clearly the dominant colour. Let's know why.

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