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India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines

This article is a basic guideline resource about how good quality articles should be written in this website. Good articles get better points and are eligible for better cash credits and higher Google AdSense Revenue. Check out this refresher article to quickly know what is expected from ISC website in Articles section.

Good Article Writing Tips

Looking for the best tips on how to write an article? This article is a guide and ready reckoner to writing articles with proper paragraphs and sentence construction. You will learn how to present an article better and useful tips on how to improve the quality of an article.

How to make children aware of environment issues

Global warming and climate change need our attention. How do we make our children more aware of the environmental issues and the impact that they have on us? How do we teach children to adopt green-living? How do we make them save the planet?

Tips to have a good professional life

Want to know how to maintain a good work life? The article gives some points which would be helpful in having a good professional life. This would help to have a good work life balance and help you to excel in the work you do. It explains how we can build a positive environment in the organization.

How to motivate teenagers – Part 1

Is your teenager completely unmotivated? How do you channelise his strengths in the right direction? How do you cope with the pressures of raising a teen? Let's help you understand where your teens' motivation lies and how best to exploit it.

Why is my child lying?

What is your reaction when you realise your child's been lying to you? Do you admonish the child, or do you try to reason with him? Knowing why the child is lying is essential before you take a remedial course. Learn to identify the situations that make a child lie.

Role of low cost warriors and local brands in India

There are hundreds of low-cost warriors in India. There are also small brands that are specific even to a particular city. They provide good alternatives to the local population and also grow the market very well. Some dimensions of the low-cost warriors and the local brands are discussed in this article.

Importance of the Uniform Civil Code and Secularism in India

This Article will help people understand the concept of Uniform Civil Code, the importance of UCC, the stand of the judiciary on Uniform Civil Code, Views of Chairman of drafting committee of Constitution of India Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on UCC and where India stands today as far as implementation of Uniform Civil Code is concerned.

Five "Grin and Bear it" realities that should not force you to quit your job

Life is very tough in the Indian Corporate Sector. One can always find shades of grey, in almost every Indian company. Though the MNCs are somewhat better, there are problems there too. Politics is very common. However, we need to become thick-skinned and bear everything. Five of such "Grin and Bear it" realities can be frustrating. A few dimensions of the same are sought to be explained in some detail in this article.

The 7 tips for Improving your English writing skills

English is a foreign language for many of us. Yet we yearn to master it. Writing is an effective way of improving your language skills. Check out how you can improve your English writing skills through 7 easy steps.

The history of the selfie

Selfies have become quite common among the youth today. This has been the result of networks like Facebook and Instagram where youth competes with their friends based on likes received on selfies. Read this post to know more about the history of selfies.

How students can deal with common issues to make their lives easier

Have you found many students really tensed up these days? Many of them maybe working just like machines because they follow the same routine almost on a daily basis. Is it only study that is bothering them? How to make their lives easier? This article is a guideline for the students to help them see the world from different angles and cope with common issues faced by them.

Why should we encourage dissent in our society

In a vast country like India, we need to have different points of view presented by Indians from different parts of the country. It is very dangerous to allow any single narrative of any political party or a significant group to walk away with narrow interpretations of events in society or issues. Dissent is something that needs to be encouraged in our society; some dimensions are being discussed in this article.

Waste Management Problems in India and Solutions

India is facing a huge waste management crisis. As a developing country, this is a big set back to India. Poor waste management leads to decline in quality of life in the aspects of health and hygiene. Instead, it can be used as a potential source of energy, if utilized properly. This article is a discussion on the problems & solutions of waste management in India.

Effective five step method to cultivate good habits

This article introduces a new and innovative method to cultivate good habits. Habits are one of the main attractions of one's personality. Here in this article, the five-step method is introduced which can surely help you to cultivate and improve good habits, provided you follow it as per instructions.

What are the advantages of living in small towns

Contrary to all public perception, the difference between a big city or metro life and life in a small town is not much. The children can be given the so-called "exposure" at home itself. There are many advantages to living in a smaller town. Based on this author's experience and those of others, some points are sought to be discussed in some detail.

What to do when your young child does not listen

My little one does not listen to me; what should I do? My child is always distracted; how do I get his attention? How do I make my child do what I say? Are you struggling with your child not listening to you? Try these simple techniques to make your child obey you.

A brief history of Aadhaar - How it went from being compulsory to being optional

This article tries to trace the history of the Aadhaar – the Indian biometric identity project. In the last six months or so the government seems to have softened its stand with regard to the compulsory use of Aadhaar. This article tries to trace the journey of Aadhaar from a simple biometric ID project to a ubiquitous necessity and then again to a simple ID card. Read on to know more.

Best tips to store Indian vegetables and fruits and prevent spoiling

This article is a basic guide on how to properly store Indian fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator at home. You will get tips on how to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. After all, fruits and vegetables get spoiled easily when not stored properly. You will also get to know which fruits and vegetables should be kept inside a fridge and which should be kept outside.

Set a morning routine to set the pace for the day

Having a morning schedule can result in a productive day. Running around getting things organised is not the way to begin your day. Have a morning plan and follow it, to boost your productivity. Use tips provided here to organise yourself for better use of your time.

What are the six main challenges of an educated person

As a matter of routine, there are so many challenges that the educated persons face. In fact, these are even more severe and complex than those who are uneducated but skilled, like motor mechanics, carpenters and so on. Six major and inevitable challenges are discussed in this article.

8 things married men must stop doing

Marriage is not just a union of two people. Marriage is also about love, respect, commitment and communication. What things do you need to change about yourself to make your marriage a happy association? Let's find out what women want from their husbands.

Factors Affecting Presentation

In this article I had tried to explain the factors which will affect any presentation, now days each and everyone have to give presentations, and this is mandatory to know that what are the main important factors which will affect the whole presentation.

Lessons to learn from the Chennai water crisis

A massive number of lessons can always be learned from any crisis. Only when the problem reaches a new high in terms of its intensity, the problem itself becomes so acute and throws up new challenges. Chennai's present water is a big lesson for the common man. It is also a big lesson in urban development. Some dimensions of the same are sought to be discussed in this article.

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