Who We Are and How We Got Here by David Reich - a book review

'Who We Are and How We Got Here' by David Reich is a fascinating book about the study of ancient DNA from old or archaeological bone samples and its correlation to the human species and their migration across the globe in the past. This article gives a quick summary and brief review of the book.

Tell Me How I'm Doing - A book review

Do you think feedback is essential? Is it going to affect our performance if we do not receive any feedback from time to time from our boss or colleagues? Tell Me How I'm Doing is the book that has all the answers. This article reviews the book and I am sure you will learn various tips on delivering feedback after reading it.

Good News, Bad News - A book review

The press and media are market-driven now. There is a distrust among people about the media because of the way they report various things. Many think that journalists do not have ethics these days. Is it true? Good News, Bad News – Journalism Ethics and the Public Interest is the book that tries to find the answers. This article reviews the book in some detail.

Wisdom on Overcoming Fear - review of book Lifestorming by Alan Weiss and Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith had published a large number of good books. This author had picked up six significant strands of learning from his book "Triggers" and these were discussed in six articles. He had teamed up with Alas Weiss and published another very good book called "Lifestorming". Fear is one common weakness in most of us. A few dimensions of this are discussed in some detail in this article.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone - Book Review

Are you looking for a fantasy novel to read? The complete series of Harry Potter will be the best choice. Most importantly, it is a perfect book for kids to read. Here is a crispy review on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone, the first book in the series. Read the story plot and get to know about the important characters in the book.

Flying with Grandpa - A book review

Flying with Grandpa is the recently released book by an upcoming Indian writer Madhuri Kamat. It has touched different elements of human nature and pictures how grandchildren crave to live with their grandparents. It is just a small book of 74 pages but explores the volume of human values and nature.

Review of the book - 'Pyjamas Are Forgiving' by Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna, the Bollywood actress turned author, is well known for her newspaper columns and books full of human emotions and challenges laced with funny anecdotes. Her latest book Pyjamas Are Forgiving was released in September 2018 and this article presents a critical review of the same.

Review of the book - 'The Web of Life' by Fritjof Capra

Fritjof Capra is a famous theoretical physicist who has written various books related to the philosophical implications of the modern sciences. He has extensively delivered lectures on these subjects and 'The Web of Life' is one of his leading and best-selling books. This article is a review of the book in details.

Review of the book - 'Life on the Edge'

'Life on the Edge' is a fascinating book trying to understand the greatest mystery of the nature - What is life? The authors have discussed the various mysterious phenomenon in the animal and human lives and tried to showcase that quantum biology, might one day explain the origin and mystery of life.

Review of the book 'Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind'

'Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind' is a famous book written by the Israeli author Yuval Noah Harari. This book is a masterpiece description of the human evolution and human history from the beginning to the present time. It also looks into the coming future and it's challenges.

Review of the book - 'Red Rabbit' by Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy was an American writer famous for his novels having a background of espionage and Military Science. Most of his novels were best sellers and 'Red Rabbit' is one of them. In this article a detailed review of that book is presented.

Japanese Author Haruki Murakami - "Writing is like rhythm in music and running"

The famous Japanese author Haruki Murakami has written many novels, short stories, essays and non-fiction and most of his works are translated in English and have got good recognition. Since his childhood he had a great passion for books and western Classical and Jazz music. This article gives details about the author and his magnificent works.

Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad, By Robert Kiyosaki

Here is the review of Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki. It is the latest non-fiction book cater knowledge about investment, entrepreneur, business, assets and liabilities. Is your house a asset or liability? Find the answer below.

Review of the book - 'The Emperor's New Mind'

There are few books written by scientists which discuss the issue of feasibility of achieving human-like artificial intelligence (AI) by algorithm-based computer machines. This book is the outcome of a very bold and learned research work of the Mathematical Physicist author Robert Penrose to discuss the issue with an open mind and present it for the readers interested in reading popular science or serious science articles or books.

Review of the book - The Withering Banyan

The book 'The Withering Banyan' depicts the struggle of people suffering from a severe brain disorder known as schizophrenia and various types of myths attached to it. Hyma Goparaju makes a brilliant effort by picking up a theme that was not discussed earlier and pulling it off well in a fiction genre to make the reader hooked to the book. It also touches the degenerating human values which revolve around money matters...

Best tips on how to inculcate the reading habit

Books are friends if selected properly and read consciously. Spend some time in reading, enrich your knowledge and build your personality. This article gives an idea of why to read, some tips for selecting books and ends with some titles which are worth a read. Books have helped me immensely and will definitely enrich you too. Enjoy reading. Age and gender is no bar to start reading.

Book Review- Half Girlfriend

It's a review of the latest book of Chetan Bhagat- Half Girlfriend. Chetan Bhagat, in his latest book has again focused on a Love story between Madhav, a Bihari boy who is deeply in love with Riya, a rich Delhite. In short, the book is ready to throw a fabulous script for a soon to release Bollywood movie.

Eight useful tips to help children love reading

Parents want to inculcate reading habits among their children. But what steps to be taken for this purpose? In this article, eight small but useful steps have been discussed to help children to develop reading habits. Read the article and follow these tips.

It's not right but It's Okay - A review

Everyone will have their happiest and bitter moments in life. Recollecting the past and failing to enjoy the present would lead to misery. Anuj Tiwari in his third venture - 'It's not right but It's Okay' tries to project all the natural characters around us and takes us to the world of the events as if they have happened in our surroundings.

Book review: A humane account of battlefields above 16,000 feet

The book provides an accurate and humane details of the activities of the officers and soldiers of Indian Army during Kargil war in 1999. The readers who are interested to know about the war, the book is a must. The author of the book has explained in details about various aspects of this war, The book has been written from first-hand experience during the author's nine-week stint in the battlefield during the war as defence correspondent. The present review has mentioned the salient features of the book.

Review of the book - Think and Win like Dhoni

Think and Win like Dhoni is a classical work of Sfurti Sahare in her maiden attempt and a different piece of literature on a living legend. It not only chronicles his cricketing achievements but makes an indepth study of mind's working and its relationship between luck and hard work in the man's life. A brief review of the book is presented here, yet one should read the book to have a comprehensive understanding of the presentation of thoughts by the young author.

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