How can I attend the Republic Day parade at Rajpath?

How do I see the Republic Day parade in person? Where can I buy tickets for the Republic Day parade? Important tips for attending the Republic Day parade at Rajpath. You'll find answers to all these questions here.

World Environment Day: The mammoth irony

This article traces the continuous rise of human civilization & the consistent decline of our natural environment. There cannot be a bigger irony than this: the perpetrator promises to be the savior of the Nature.

Significance of Ash Wednesday and rituals

When is Ash Wednesday in 2018? When does Lent begin this year? Do I have to go to Church on Ash Wednesday? Can I eat meat on Ash Wednesday? This article give informative answers to all your questions.

How to use rainwater harvesting to combat water scarcity in India

World Environment Day is on 5th June. This article discusses the concept of rainwater harvesting, which can go a long way to help towards storing of one of the elements precious to the environment, namely water. You will get information on how to install a rainwater harvesting system, its costs in India and its benefits.

What to do for Onam Sadhya?

If any one is interested in cooking and searching for recipes and particularly on occasions, here is the menu for Onam Sadhya and special in this is doing recipes from our usual available home ingredients.

Some facts about the temples of Lord Ganesha

In Hindu religion, Lord Ganesh is worshiped as First God and everybody worshiped Lord Ganesh by Ganapathi Homam when they start any work. Lord Ganesh is worshiped on all days especially on the Chathurthi Day (fourth day from Full Moon Day) every month. Among all Chathurthi days the day in this month is celebrated in the great manner in all parts of India. September 17th is the day of Ganesh Chathurthi. Let us see something about Lord Ganesh here.

Natural homemade colors for Holi

Its a well known fact that these days the markets are flooded with chemical colors which kill the true essence of the festival. So here in this article we would be exploring the various methods using which we can make colors at home using natural substances and thus maintain the spirit of the festival.

The Tradition and Culture of Valentine's Day Celebration in India

Valentine's Day celebration is gradually becoming a part of Indian culture. People in the urban areas / metros are much influenced by the Western culture. Read on the article to know about the tradition and culture of Valentines' Day celebration in India.

Dussehra - the Hindu festival of victory

With the advent of Mahalaya Paksha in India, people across the country come in a festive mood and start their preparations for the most popular festival known as Dussehra. In this article I would like to mention the importance and significance of this festival.

Speech on 65th Indian Independence Day

Dear Students and parents, if you are searching for any speech on Indian Independence Day, you’re on the right path. This article is about India’s struggling moments for Independence, India’s freedom fighters, and their aim and notion about future Independent India.

Farewell Speech for Schools and Colleges

In this article, you will get help to prepare Farewell Speech for Schools or Colleges for upcoming farewell. Learn how to write, practice and speak for Farewell Speech in your respective School or College. Tips for Farewell Speech of Schools or Colleges or Company or institution.

Ratha Yatra - the car festival of Lord Jagannath at Puri

In this article, you can find the detailed information on the famous Car Festival or Ratha Yatra of Lord Sri Jagannath of Puri in Odisha. This is one of the most famous Hindus festivals celebrated all over the country in particular in the places where Lord Jagannath Temple is located.

List Of Most Important Days In A Year

Important days are the days which more special than the normal day which we will never forget in our lifetime so I have made list contains the most important days of the year from January 1st to December 31st and it will be useful for all the peoples while preparing for competitive exams and quiz competitions.

January - The Gateway to the year ahead

January, the first month of the year is the gateway or door to the year ahead. the naming of the month is quite interesting. The article describes the inclusion of the month in the current calendar in brief. It also mentions the festivals we celebrate in the country in the month.

Republic Day India speech for school and college students

India celebrates her Republic day on 26th January every year. Student of schools and colleges will be readying their speeches to prepare themselves for the occasion. This article is a simple Republic day speech which would help you to prepare in advance and participate in your school or college function.

Celebration respecting women, Navratri is on

Generally speaking our country has many traditions and festivals as our country is a secular in religion but with unity and uniformity. We celebrate many festivals all over the year almost every month. Among one is Navratri by Hindus is on from 13th October this year. Let the Grace of Goddess Parasakthi showered on us.

Onam festival is on 28th August of this year

Our country has its own heritage and special in the universe comparing to other countries. In our India, each state has its own festivals having supreme value. In this month, the day on which star 'Thiruvonam' falls is celebrated in Kerala as 'Onam Festival' which is very famous not only in Kerala but also in all states by the Keralites. We can see here about the Onam festival which falls on 28th of this month.

Most important festivals of Buddhism

In this article, I am going to share some of the most important festivals and days in Buddhism. Festivals are important in our lives as they are not only the remembrance of auspicious, good events in history, but also provide us the reasons to gather with family and friends. Read this article to know about Buddha Poornima, Wesak and other important Buddhist festivals.

Important Christian days and festivals around the world

Read this article to know about various most important festivals in Christianity. Christianity refers to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Festivals in every religion are important to bring on the traditions, messages and to keep the new generation informed about it. In this brief article, ten of the most important Christian festivals and their whereabouts have been shared.

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