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How to register Tatasky Mobile T.V

Staying updated is need of the hour. Tatasky gives you chance to stay entertained where ever you are. Activate Everywhere TV on your current Tata sky subscription and enjoy your favorite T.V on your mobile or Laptop. Tata sky everywhere T.V app on your mobile will also have your access to Videos on demand, live T.V and to all other service you avail on you pack. To know more about Tata sky everywhere T.V mobile service, Please read further.

Five useful tips to cut down on high house moving costs

One of the most common problem that people face while moving is the high moving costs. However, there are some small steps than can help you save the moving costs. Read this post to know more about such small steps like doing the packing by yourself.

The Different Kinds Of Lamps (Diyas) And Their Significance

The Deepawali the festival of lights is fast approaching now. There are different sizes and shapes of lighting lamp as we know of them. But we should also have the knowledge of their significance and the meaning hidden within them. This article will unfold this hidden mystery for your benefits and its uses.

How does a domestic refrigerator work

This article explains the construction and working of a domestic home refrigerator. You will know details about the principal parts of any domestic refrigerator, namely evaporator, compressor, condenser and capillary tube. A domestic refrigerator works on vapor compression refrigeration cycle.

How to check CGHS card status online

Are you a CGHS beneficiary? Looking for information on the Central Government Health Scheme? Then your search is over. Read this article to know complete details about Plastic Cards, application procedure and steps to check card status online.

How to earn from Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram

Want to work from home in your free time? Looking for some method to earn extra income? Here is my testimonial that how I started my business without any investment and started earning thousands.

How to avoid six common mistakes in mid-career stages

Whatever happens at in one's career is generally within his or her control. Yet, there are certain common blunders that many people do. Six of such common mistakes are sought to be discussed in this article, based on real world experiences.

Vaastu Shastra, The Indian Feng-Sui at home Part-1

Vaastu Shastra can be said as Indian Feng-Sui. There are some essential factors which need to follow before going for house construction. Everything is important in house it may be of house color, shape, size, positioning water, drainage, garage, portico, bedrooms, kitchen, dining, inside and outside objects of the house etc. are mentioned in this article.

Product Innovation, Development and Marketing: Corporate India's most notable failures

We often learn what to do by observing what not to do. The latter comes from real-world experiences. From experiences where someone had a big chance, but due to lack of Vision and expertise, lost the big opportunity. This is very true of products. These had become wasted opportunities. We shall discuss some of these examples in some detail in this article.

Four Major Paradigm Shifts in India

A paradigm shift occurs when there is a total change from the usual way of thinking or doing. It represents not just cosmetic changes but fundamental changes to any society. Through this article, we will discuss four such paradigm shifts that have happened in India, in the past four decades.

The futuristic directions of managerial and labor jobs in India

Jobs. This is one obsession that will make or break an economy. Yet, what we are now witnessing is a very disturbing trend of both contractual and casual jobs being or becoming the norm. Cost effectiveness for the capitalists is never converted into lower prices for the customer. This article is an attempt to discuss certain current trends and the shape of jobs to come in the next decade.

Understanding the practical perspective of leadership from Peter Drucker

Leadership is one of the most researched topics in the world. Just like the topic of poverty is central to economists, so is leadership central to most behavioral scientists. Managers in the real world are often confused. The most practical point of view is from the famous Management writer and author, the late Peter Drucker. This article is an attempt at discussing this perspective in detail.

Understanding how to minimize damage of four major negative emotions and associated feelings

As human beings, all of us do mistakes. Each one of us is a product of the home and societal environment from which we hail. We have our strengths and weaknesses. In spite of all these, we as human beings also have some basically negative emotions or feelings. Four of such negative emotions are sought to be discussed here, along with some coping mechanisms to minimize damages due to such emotions and associated feelings.

Understanding the Art of Developing Passion for recognition, achievement and fame

It is so easy to observe hundreds with passion. It is not that easy to develop it at all. There are too many variables and it becomes very difficult to even imagine any work done without it, getting the recognition that we all long for. Achievement and fame come along with passion. Some dimensions of the same are sought to be discussed in this article, with the " how to" steps, based on real life experiences.

Characteristics of successful candidates in competitive examinations

Competitive examinations are held where the number of positions are very limited. The competitive examinations are totally different than conventional examinations. In this article, the author discusses the characteristic traits of successful candidates in various competitive examinations. Read to know more.

How to keep your head high even in the toughest of times

When we look around, our parents who are still around can teach us many things. What they inherently had in them are some qualities worthy of emulation at any time. Such values are timeless. Some experiences from the real world teach us some lessons. The art of keeping our head high is a tough task. Yet, it can be done. Some dimensions of doing this are explained here in detail.

A current start-of-the-art perspective of HR in India

Want to know the role of the CEO of a company in HR management? This article seeks to present a current State-of-the-Art Perspective of HR in India, by examining current trends in HR, the role of the CEO, conflicts faced by HR managers, etc. There is also a focus on variables connected with emotions and feelings of different stakeholders. The importance of the situation in HR, which is totally different from that of Finance and HR, is also sought to be discussed in some detail.

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