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    Exit poll says "Choukidaar Strong hai"!

    Lok Sabha election 2019 exit poll results came out just now. As expected, all the polls indicates a clear majority for Modi lead NDA at the centre. This trend will have positive impact on tomorrows equity market. The sad part is that the grand old party INC is pushed back again.

    Instead of shouting :Choukidaar chor hai", UPA leaders can start thinking "Choukidaar strong hai"!
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    Exit polls are sometimes wrong too. Let the results come then celebrate. I wish the exit polls come true and this chowkidar becomes PM again.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Congress too has a few bright spots of their own. All TV channels have predicted a rise in the number of seats that the Congress is expected to win, although it is nowhere near the numbers claimed by some of their leaders.

    On a different note, the interesting thing which I noted was the exit poll conducted by ABP in the context of UP. The number of seats which they predicted that BJP would win in that state was 22, if I remember correctly. This is exactly opposite to what the other channels are claiming (other channels are predicting 50+ seats for the BJP). This shows that exit polls have their own inherent biases and cannot be depended upon. Each one puts up numbers which would please their own masters and these numbers are mostly unreliable. They are even predicting that BJP would get all seven seats in Delhi in spite of AAP's strong position.

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    I am not inclined to any political party. I have many good friends in all leading political parties. Whichever political party come at the center, I am happy! I know that exit poll results may not be accurate. The reason for raising this thread is that I am very closely following the market indices and my concern is only the wild swings of Nifty/Sensex, since last one week. Single party showing short of majority can tremble market indices. That is avoided now. Downside swing may be limited.

    I will be back......

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    Exit polls are giving a good news to the BJP supporters though we can not take the exit polls on their face value. Still, they are a good indications of the things going to happen in a few days.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Congress Party about exit poll result: Please wait till 23rd May. We will surprise you!
    I will be back......

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    During the earlier elections also the prediction in the Exit Polls have proved right with some margin of errors. Therefore the indicators showing Narendra Modi will become Prime Minister for the second term. Though most of the opposition parties have joined together they are not mustering the required nos. The strategy of Congress and other parties have failed. They have targeted Mr. Narendra Modi , instead of talking on the issues faced by the Country. More personal attack on Modi , provided more sympathies to him. There were no visible leader in the opposition camp matching the stature of Modi. All these aspects worked in favour of BJP.

    The clinging of congress party on to Nehru family may not work in the future. Though , congress party have many able leaders, they are not being projected because of the Nehru family. If this trend continues , congress will totally marginalized in the Country in the next few elections. Another party which is loosing base is Marxist party. A party which has ruled West Bengal for three decades is being totally marginalized.

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    People were anxiously waiting for the exit poll results and now they appear to be in line with the general perceptions so far. How far these guesses are correct it will be know only after the results are announced. Now BJP will be happy with this trend analysis. The names given by the opposition parties to the leaders of BJP are now boomeranging to the opposition parties themselves.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Why trust the exit poll results. Let us analyze and find the result.
    BJP may not win seats like 2014. Of course, there would be a marginal reduction in their seats which will not affect them. Congress might get seats better than 2014, but won't have the number to form government. Even with their alliance partners, they cannot make the required 272.

    The Congress slogan after 23 May 2019 would be - "We will make it in 2024"

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    Even though the exit poll has given relaxation to BJP, nothing can be taken for granted till the results are out. Yes, there is a good chance for NDA to make the government again but this time they can counter a good fighting opposition, which in-turn can be in favor of a good government. Hoping for a well balanced government, weather is NAD or UPA.
    Wishing everyone " All the Best"

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    The equity market has shown some positive shift with the announcement of exit poll results. The market almost went up by 3.5%. Further, it may go up as the actual results are announced. people interested can purchase now without waiting for final results and people who wanted to sell can wait for final results.
    The exit poll results are favourable to BJP and Modi. So many people are thinking that programmes, like Make in India, will continue and there will be sufficient growth in the manufacturing and service sectors and the share values of such companies may on rising.
    However, exit polls are not 100% correct. Sometimes they may be proved wrong. So we don't know what happens exactly. But almost all the exit polls are telling this time that BJP will be forming the government and there are no surveys are on the other side, we take this as correct.

    always confident

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    This is what the predictions & the information got to do with the current share market but still the main concern is that we still don't have the final declaration from the Election Commission & what if this differs although seems not possible.

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    Exit polls have brought a note of positivism in the news and the followers of BJP. It's interesting to note the wide difference between the various predictions (BJP 267-352+).

    If we look at the 2004 results, the exit polls had a prediction of 252 + seats for Mr.Vajpayee/NDA and the actual figures were 187. Here the polls had underestimated UPA by around 18% and over estimated NDA by 26%!

    Lets wait for the final verdict, may the best party win and form the government to help us and the country.

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    Sensex moved up 1421.9 pts and Nifty up 421.1 pts. That means, exit poll results yesterday added a market cap of Rs 6.89 lakhs crores to the market.Naturally,Mutual Fund NAVs are going to rise tomorrow. But, Oil prices are going to rise after 23rd.This may offset the gain, I presume. So invest/trade cautiously.
    I will be back......

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    Mohit Bansal Chandigarh says that According to Exit Polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will win a landslide victory when votes are counted on Thursday (May 23, 2019). But if the polls are wrong, he may need outside help to form the government. So, let's wait for the results. To share your views to can visit:

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    Equity markets are always influenced by the exit polls and the poll results. The policy decisions of a government matter a lot to the financial situation and hence this swing. While exit polls are only predictions we have to wait for a day for the final outcome. Many times exit polls went wrong and if that happens this time we can expect big crashes in the equity market too.

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    Untill and unless the final result comes out, NDA should not behave as if they have won the election. Anything can happen in the final result. Nevertheless, if NDA won this election, the credit must go the opposition. their all action for Mahagathbandhan, chowkidar chor hai, Rafael controversy all have fallen into them instead of NDA.

    I personally feel that congress doesn't understand from their past mistakes. if the result comes with the favour of NDA, it will be the congress who has to take blame on them. Their hatred towards Mr. Modi in 2014 and 2019 is what taking NDA above place THAN congress. The sympathy of Indian people has gone to Mr Modi as much they try to insult him.

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    For the first time in 70 years the opposition looks so frustrated.

    Relax! It is just exit poll result which showing that NDA is far ahead from the opposition. The real result is yet to come. Nevertheless, the oppositions look flat on the floor. As if they have lost the election without fight. This is what it is getting presented by the entire opposition. Their straight face, their frustration to put their own fault to EVM, not accepting the defeat, It all showing up right now.

    I personally don't believe in the Exit poll result, there are history when these prediction did not match with the actual result but we can not deny it completely. The defeat should be taken it positively of either party and work on it to do better in future.

    For a great country, the opposition has to be stronger. An opposition can only get better if they have strong future vision for the country. Just accusing current Government or PM, abusing them will not take opposition anywhere. Whatever may be the result, if opposition get defeated, they should take it positively, learn from it and work on it for the better in future. They have to win the faith of the people because whatever they have done so far, the reaction from Indian public has just come opposite for them. Unless they win the faith of people, it would be very hard for them to come back even in 2023.

    ** Requesting editors to delete me thread post in the same content, I have posted it here.

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