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    Why men are not supposed to cry?

    This is what our society says when a boy cries. We are taught that boys being stronger than the girls so they should not let their emotions out through tears.

    It's from childhood we are taught this but how wrong it depends on the person to person. In my opinion, as crying is also an emotion like happiness then why is there a difference on the basis of gender. It's sad that we are asked not to shed off the tears as that's the sign of weakness. I don't believe this stereotype thinking of people. Do you?

    Shed some tears, It strengthens your soul.


    Let your tears water your soul.

    -Eileen Mayhew
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    According to Psychology - one who cries is stronger by nature than one who doesn't. If you ask me, crying is a kind of emotion which you cannot suppress forcibly. We are not animals to escape the emotional turmoil we go through in out day to day life. Emotions do not emerge based on the genders; it;s in fact spontaneous and outrageous.

    I do agree, the injury or pain getting arose our of physical injury may let men to suppress and control the weeping when compared to the counterpart women who are physically weaker at times. May be our forefathers meant - men should not cry due to physical pain caused. But if it's for the emotional pain as well, then it doesn't make sense.

    One more kind of tear arises due to overwhelming happiness. This too men should not escape since this tear shall help you picture the surmounted effort you put into let that situation happened and the mixture of emotions helped the happening of which.

    Last type of tear is when you get failed at something which you really put the effort into. For this, I say -"Let the tear roll, but each drop of tear should give a anecdote each in of coming days for the world to tell their generations to come as a wave of motivation".

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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    Because you should rely on man really in all of your doings lately. And that is something which really matters here. If a man cries really than something bad really happen in current life situation, something really unavoidable for sure. I mean it's very uncommon thing.

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    Traditionally men are supposed to be tougher than women. They are also less sentimental ans less sensitive than women. One reason could be that they were the bread winners and did not depend on women in that respect. Other is as the woman gives birth to the children her harmone and chemical system in body is different than that of the man.

    Whatever be the various reasons, these differences are there and if men cry lessor than women it is no surprise.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Not all the men but many of them also cry. Men have a slightly different outlook towards human feelings and sentiments. They are not as soft as the wonen. It also depends on your dependency on the other sex that you feel more and less sentimental.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Men have no liberty of crying. They have to maintain their strength by not crying in the presence of others. But it is a curse to them and will lead them to ill health also. When you have a feeling and you have to suppress it without exhibiting requires a lot of strength and it will tell a lot on your mind. When we are mentally very upset we may feel like crying. But we can't so we are suppressing it.
    But I feel there is no harm in crying. It is not a symbol of weakness. It is a way to express our emotions. Sometimes when we are very happy also we will get tears.
    In this world, Men are shown as cruel. They say they don't have any sentiments and feelings. But the fact is not that. Men also will have all feelings like the other genders. Only thing is they never show them and keep them inside. We need not do that we can express our feelings very openly.

    always confident

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    It is such a foolish concept. It's better to cry and vent out the distress and pain than keeping it to self because it harms healthwise. Crying for foolish actions is unacceptable even if the females cry for a meaningless reason. If there is a genuine crisis, and one feels like crying, then one should do it. It helps to become light, then one can make the right decision according to the position.

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    A person who has emotions will definitely cry. Emotions are not gender specific. But some people may control their emotions and do not show their emotions openly. Men may cry when they are alone. Ladies cry publicly and therefore we conclude that only ladies do cry and men do not cry. When you are filled with emotions do not control, try to vent it out. This will give you great relief.
    "If you don’t understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    It is a result of social conditioning. Men who cry are looked upon, as weak. Society expects men to be strong mentally, physically and emotionally and this concept becomes ingrained in the psyche of young boys, especially when they are repeatedly shamed for crying and reminded what is expected of them. And when boys grow up listening to all the advice on expected behaviour, they will themselves to hold back their emotions and tears.

    I believe that most of us become a product of the expectations that others have from us. We follow the stereotype projection of men, without wanting to bring in change, and men learn to behave the way society, especially their parents, expect them to. A child who is made to believe that there is shame attached to crying will make a resolve to not cry in public.

    In our society, it is common for parents to tell their sons that only girls cry. 'Why are you crying? Are you a girl?' As though being a girl is a bad thing. Young boys are made to assume that they become less of a man if they cry. It is all about the lessons that they are taught – they are trained to surmise that masculinity and crying don't go together.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    Who said men are not supposed to cry? Nobody can stop men from crying. Have men not cried when their parents or loved ones are sick or when a death happens in the family or when the daughter is married off ? etc. Yes, they may not wail or sob loudly but certainly they would have moist eyes or would cry in privacy.

    In this cricket loving nation, we have seen MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar (Kumar Sangakkara, Andrew Flintoff) etc crying. There would other examples wherein male pubic figures or celebrities would be seen crying. So, I think, we should move forward and understand the pain or joy he is experiencing when we see a man crying rather than to laugh or criticise him.

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    Women cry more than men and it is a fact. They let their emotions out easily. Thus, the crying got associated with women. It's not true that men do not cry at all but they do it less often. Now, some people started conditioning their young boys that if they cry they will be less of a man. Crying is only for girls and women and not for men. This kind of conditioning has somewhat put a firm belief in the conscious as well as subconscious minds that crying is only for women.

    If a man is seen crying, he gets shamed for his behavior. He gets compared with women. Thus, men do not easily cry even if they feel like letting out their emotions. Now, by concealing their emotions they are doing so much wrong to their health, they have no idea about it.

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