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Legal Documentation (Correction of Date of Birth)

Want to make a correction in legal documentation? Searching for detailed procedure to correct age in the date of birth certificate? On this Ask Expert page you can check out advice provided for your queries.

Anna University BG transfer 2019

Planning to transfer to another college in the same university? Interested in knowing when the portal for application will open? Here, our ISC experts shall provide you advice to proceed to application.

Eligibility Criteria For admission at TUM

Planing for a Master's course in Germany? Interested in clarifying the eligibility norms as per the admission process? Here , on this Ask Expert page check out the suggestions and advice fro your questions.

Need suggestion to try government job

Planning to search for a government job? Searching for detailed information about how to prepare for exams and the age limit? On this Ask Expert page check out the advice for all your queries.

Regards Placement due to a year drop.

do you have a doubt regarding placements in case of a year drop? wondering whether it will create any issue even though all backlogs are cleared? Find advice from ISC experts on this page.

What should I do at this juncture?

Facing medical and financial issues at home? Searching for advice on how to handle this situation ? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can get responses and advice for all your queries and resolve your worries.

Looking for guidance wrt to diploma courses

Interested in opting for some diploma or certificate course after MTech Structural Engineering? Searching for details here? Check out this page for responses from our experts for your queries.

Quantity Surveyor (QS) - What is it all about

Wondering whether to become a Quantity Surveyor? Interested in getting detailed information about qualification and skills required, duties, job description and job opportunities? Scroll through this page and get answers for all your queries from out experts.

Pros and cons of being an unmarried girl for lifetime

Wondering if it is a good decision if girls do not get married? Searching for a detailed list of pros and cons of this concept? On this Ask Expert page scroll through the responses from experts for your queries.

Eligibility for CBSE 10th board exam

Are you having a query regarding eligibility criteria for CBSE Board exams? Searching for details of this criteria online? Find advice for experts on this Ask Expert page.

Parking van in front of my shop

Facing an issue with illegal parking in front of the shop? Wondering what to do and where to complain? Here, on this Ask Expert page you will find advice from experts so that you find a suitable method to resolve the issue.

Career switch from teaching to software field

Planning to switch career from teaching to software? Wondering whether it is possible to do so, what steps to take and if any extra courses have to be done? Find advice from experts on this Ask Expert page for all your queries.

Which is best to buy among Desktop or Laptop?

Confused between buying a laptop or desktop for home use? Searching for detailed comparison and the most suitable configurations and brands in the market? Find advice from experts on this page and decide whether to go for laptop or desktop.

How to get bank job in Kerala after BCA

Eager to apply for a bank job in Kerala after BCA? Know with expert advice if an MBA qualification through distance mode or some other course would be a good option to pursue to improve your chances of getting the bank job in Kerala.

EPF organization is a central government body or public sector

Planning to apply for an assistant position in EPF organisation? Wondering if EPF is a central or public sector organisation? Check out this Ask Expert page where our ISC experts have responded to your queries and understand the nature of the organisation.

How to apply for improvement exam?

Facing a low score issue in GSEB boards? Wondering if it is possible to appear for improvement exam and become eligible for NEET? Our ISC experts shall provide you with advice on how to resolve this issue on this page.

Doubt about my name and signature

Facing a query regarding change in signature? Worried whether it will create any problem in the future? On this Ask Expert page you can check out advice provided by experts.

Supreme court judgement of BTech distance education

Have a query about distance education BTech program through lateral entry? Looking out for the supreme court judgement regarding this? On this Ask Expert page check out the advice provided for your queries.

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